8 Work From Home Jobs For Those Tired of Commuting

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These days it’s becoming more and more appealing to work from home. There’s no commute, no awkward coworker relationships, often no boss, and you get to set your own schedule. Whether you’re looking for a career change or just looking for some extra hours and ways to bring in more cash that fits well into your schedule working from home is a great opportunity.

As a non-traditional work setting breaking into the many fields that constitute these careers can be difficult—often there’s no traditional sending out of your resume, call-backs, or waiting around—many people who work from home take charge of their own careers, which can be scary!

Never fear and just keep reading if you find yourself in this pool, we’ve got some ideas and advice to help you get on the right track for working at home. Here are 8 ideas for working from home:


If you’re fluent in another language, you can translate documents online straight from your couch. Even translating documents piecemeal can earn you $50,000 annually if you work at it full time–not a bad gig. The languages likely to earn you the most are those with a large foreign trade with the U.S. (think: China and Mexico, that is Chinese and Spanish), particularly if there are not a great deal of bilingual Americans in that particular language. Additionally, languages with a large number of native speakers living in the US (again, such as Spanish) also generate a large number of documents needing translation.

Finally, you’re most likely to find success if you already have a background in a particular field where you’re familiar with the jargon. If you’ve been a paralegal or worked in an insurance office–not necessarily as a lawyer or an insurance agent, just enough to know the lingo–then you can certainly find plenty of official documents needing translation. If you want to network with other translators and gain additional opportunities, you may find it worthwhile to join the American Translators Association (or, ATA) and get certified.


Do you crochet, knit, jewel, paint, sculpt, cross-stitch, or otherwise make awesome things as a hobby? With websites like Etsy, you can now sell your creations to a very broad audience at very low costs to you. Where once you would have had to find local craft fairs or markets to take you in–with high table and display costs–now you can click your mouse and just pay a small fee to sell your designs. The fee usually takes the form of a listing fee or a sales percentage, but either way it is far more manageable than the large up-front investment required by off-line retail outlets.

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Now, simply create your masterpiece, upload a picture, and maybe advertise on social media with Pinterest one of the more obvious networks to use to create your brand. Then, watch your sales roll in as the company takes care of listing, payments, advertising, and usually even shipping–if not the cost then they will at least help provide shipping labels and make the process easy. Not a bad way to turn your hobby into a paycheck, all from home.

Customer Service Agent

A rising raft of companies now outsource their customer service to “virtual agents”–i.e. someone with a solid phone connection and a computer. Eddie Bauer, JetBlue, 1-800-Flowers and other corporations will now pay you to take complaints, handle transactions, and process returns, all from the comfort of the couch. To handle this growing field, VIPDesk.com has emerged as a clearinghouse matching agents to companies, and wages range from the minimum wage up to $15 per hour for experienced reps. After perhaps a brief training, you’re on your own: just take the calls at your leisure, help someone out, and then change out of your pajamas–or keep them on, it’s up to you.

Armchair Judge

Well, not quite a judge–more like a jury predictor. Many lawyers, it turns out, try out their arguments before trial in front of focus groups and hone their responses based on the feedback from these mock trials. These events take place online, at the lawyer’s office, or even at a hotel conference room if the budget is big enough. You’ll have to read through the case, listen to their arguments, and render your verdict. You’ll need to take it seriously if you want to get invited back, and the money–up to $150 per case, starting from about $40–makes it worth it. And potentially interesting, if you’re a curious type with an interest in the law! Detail-oriented types are likely to do best with the more complex and highest-paying cases, but for all jobs, no legal training is necessarily required.

Mystery Shopping

Anyone who’s ever worked retail knows about mystery shoppers: they checked if you greeted them politely, upsold an item, and thanked them properly, and if not you were in trouble. Turns out these enigmatic shoppers aren’t just friends of the management, but often paid tattlers–and now, you could be one! Restaurants, clothing stores, movie theaters, and auto dealerships all use mystery shoppers, and typically will give $10-$20 for the privilege. In-kind offers are also common, where your food is eventually comped or you get a free item from the store. While this job doesn’t quite count as “from home”, the job part (not the shopping trip part) happens at home, where you fill out a survey response about the experience. There are plenty of scams out there though, so be sure to avoid programs where either you have to pay or where they promise big bucks for a small commitment. Otherwise, go ahead and get shopping.

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Are you a fast typer? Then transcribing might be right up your alley when it comes relatively easy at home work. Unfortunately, this isn’t really a job that you can make for yourself because you’ll have to find a company that needs transcription work done, but the hours are still very flexible. Transcription jobs normally pay on an hourly basis, depending on the type of work that you’re doing. The people most likely to need transcribers include medical companies, telecommunication companies, and big businesses in need of transcribers for legal documents. Check out websites like ProductionTranscripts.com, or Tigerfish.com for more information on applying for transcription work.

Medical Coding

If you’ve ever had to file an insurance claim, you’ll know how much paperwork is involved—and this paperwork is dealt with by medical coders who largely work from home. This is a great job for people who are already involved in a medical profession in some way who are just looking to work from home instead. The main reason for this is because the job involves working with medical terminology as well as some anatomy and physiology. If you’re not already familiar with the medical profession, you can easily attain the knowledge necessary with some community college courses or get certified through AAPC—which will ultimately pay off in the end as this can be some high paying work!

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