Best Careers For People On A Job Search In 2014


It’s time to find a new job. 2014 is the year to find a new career that is more rewarding financially, mentally and physically. If you are dreading to go to the office every morning, if you’re quick to clock out when the workday is over, a fresh start can set you on the right path.

Greener Pastures

Careers shouldn’t come and go. A job with above average compensation and high promotional value goes side by side with years of personal development. Unfortunately, it’s easier said than done. A “dream job” can feel out of reach without knowing what’s new in the global industry.

Which industries are on the rise? Which careers are suitable for my skills and expertise? These are the type of questions that many people are concerned with during a job search. Below are the most rewarding careers for people who are looking for a new job in 2014.

Software Developers

First on the list is software developer. With the rise of the IT and electronics industry in the past few years, the demand for new software has increased dramatically. Software development isn’t just limited to computer systems. These days, applications such as Evernote and Dropbox are continuously being updated, which requires the skills of a software developer. Furthermore, there are numerous companies who are keen on developing apps and new softwares to go with their product.

Physical Therapists

Physical therapists are in demand for a number of reasons. The growing elderly population requires the services of physical therapists to assist in rehabilitation of weak joints and muscles. Athletes who sustain devastating injuries during training also seek the expertise of such professionals. Lastly, children with crippling disabilities must be supervised by physical therapists for guidance in performing basic exercises.

Fluent Translators

The need to bridge the gap between two countries with different languages is steadily increasing. Businesses that are expanding their product or services to new territories require translators to properly build professional relationships and facilitate agreements. Cases such as these are apparent in Western countries that are trying to conduct business in Asia and vice versa.

Financial Analysts


Not all industries are negatively affected by the recession and dips in the market. During these times, companies seek the help of financial analysts to help formulate new strategies for consistent business growth. Financial analysts will continue to be in demand in 2014 due to fluctuating trends and the need for cost reduction services. As a result, business owners who are unable to come up with an effective solution in addressing key market concerns are willing to pay big money for the advice of a financial analyst.

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Information Security Analysts

Due to recent NSA leaks and the rise of the cloud storage industry, companies are required to find new ways to protect highly sensitive data. Information security analysts can help large businesses develop innovative strategies in preventing confidential documents from reaching the public. This is exceptionally true for large organizations that rely on cloud storage to store, send and deliver information within the company or to external clients.

A Breakthrough In Your Career

If you have a degree or relevant work experience in any of the industries above then you’re in luck. A move in the relevant fields can help you attain your personal goals and add a sense of security. For those without a formal background in the respective careers mentioned, it might be a good option to get the necessary certification or education for a rewarding, long-term career.

Is there a career that you think is in demand for 2014?


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  • Gzeno says:

    The good news is anyone can be a software developer at any stage and discipline of their career. Programming is something that you can learn through self-help workshops and online programs. In fact, if you are in a specialized field now and you want to shift to an I.T. career, that can make you a highly specialized developer in your field. Think of accounting plus programming.

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