Tired at Work? These Simple Workout Tips Will Help You Get Back in Shape


I’m always surprised by how exhausted I can get after a long day at work. After all, I usually don’t do much more than sit in front of my computer and make a few phone calls. I’m certainly not doing anything terribly physically exerting—you’d think I’d be full of energy by the end of a long day of sitting around! Yet, when 5 o’clock comes around and it’s time for me to head home, I am frequently too exhausted for someone who hasn’t been pumping iron all day.

In fact, by the end of a long day of work my body actually hurts. From staring down at the computer screen and sitting in uncomfortable chairs, I have both a headache and muscle cramps. Sounds like you? Well, you’re in luck because we’ve got some tips to improve the way that you feel so that you can head home after work feeling better and with lots of energy!

Be cautious with technology

The electromagnetic fields from your cellphone or a wifi router can give you a throbbing headache. If possible, plug your computer directly into a router so that you can avoid being around a constant wifi signal when you’re at the office. Try to keep your cellphone a safe distance away from you whenever you’re not talking on it as well—especially away from your head.

Reducing your exposure to radiation from wireless transmitting devices like wifi and cellphones can help keep off headaches throughout the day, resulting in more energy by the time it’s time to leave work.

Breath deeply

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when they’re at work—and certainly one of the easiest to overlook—is shallow breathing. Shallow breathing can also cause you headaches and body pains because it keeps your body from delivering the oxygen that it needs at the rates that it needs! Try some breathing exercises at the beginning of your shift and during breaks, and try to maintain those breathing patterns throughout the day.

Don’t slouch

Your mother always told you not to slouch because it looks bad, but did she tell you that it’s bad for your health too? Sitting up straight in your chair throughout the work day is far better for your back, especially your lower back. Have you ever noticed that after a long day of sitting your lower back is on fire when you finally stand up? Sitting up straight will help strengthen your lower back and decrease this muscle pain.

Alternatively, you could get a standing work station. You’ll still have to worry about not slouching, but it’ll be a lot easier if you’re already standing. Plus, standing is sure to get your circulation going; so in addition to being good for your back it can be better for your legs as well.

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Stay away from screens at night

Leave your work at work! If you find yourself tired during the day because you’re not getting enough sleep at night you might try turning off the screens and leaving them off once you leave the office. Too much exposure to computer, tablet, and smartphone screens can cause insomnia. Many of us sleep with our iPhones right next to our heads (which can also cause headaches, remember!) and spend time before falling asleep catching up with the world. It’s far better for your health to pick up a book or a magazine instead.

Being exhausted at work can decrease your productivity, and ultimately your happiness. Certainly one of the worst things about being too tired to function by the time 5 o’clock rolls around is that you don’t have the energy to do the things that you love most after work. With these changes to your daily grind, you’re sure to see some results!

Do you have any tips for regaining energy while at work?
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